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"The ride through the district of Kona to Kealakekua Bay took us through the famous coffee section. I think Kona has a richer flavor than any other..."
- excerpted from MARK TWAIN "Letters from Hawaii" July 1866

Kona Coffee

    Dragon's Lair Estate
      100% Kona Coffee
Mountain-grown Kona Coffee from Hawaii, 
grown by organic standards under natural shade, 
without herbicides or pesticides. 
Hand-picked, sun-dried, and custom-roasted to order.

What makes our Kona Coffee so special?

Like  a fine vintage Estate wine, 100% Kona Coffee from an Estate is distinguished from generic Kona blends by the tremendous extra care taken throughout every step of the process. 

Dragon's Lair Estate coffee comes only from our own 2000 heirloom Kona Typica trees grown on the side of Mauna Loa volcano. We carefuly tend our trees; hand pruning and hand weeding.  We fertilize with a mixture of natural mulch from the trees themselves,  and with supplements of commercial organic fertilizers.

Our coffee cherry is hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, with each tree being visited several times during the harvest season to pick only the red-ripe berries.  We process the  fruit on the day of picking, and spread it on our drying platform for complete sun-drying.

Unlike many Estates, who have their dry milling and roasting done by commercial processors, we have set up our own milling and roasting so that we can control every step of the process ourselves for maximum quality. We mill in small batches, and custom-roast to order so your coffee is on its way to you within hours of roasting. Our coffee beans never leave our farm til they wing their way to your cup.

You cannot find Dragon's Lair Estate Kona Coffee in stores - we sell direct to you so that we can guarantee every bean! 

The end result is a coffee that carries the unique stamp of a 100% Kona Estate coffee - delicate yet flavorful and with a rich aroma - a product relished among coffee drinking societies throughout the world.

Order our Roasted 100% Estate 
Kona Coffee
Medium Roast -  for your perfect breakfast cup, delicate yet rich.
Medium/Dark Roast -  for your all-day cup, 
deeper in flavor yet less caffeine.

View Dragon's Lair Estate 
Kona Coffee Farm
Visit online here or stop by the farm 
when in Hawaii
- see how your coffee is grown, from seed to cup.

Read About Kona Coffee
The only American  gourmet coffee
- what differentiates it from other excellent coffees. 
The terminology, and more.

Brewing and Storage Tips

Our Intern/Apprenticeship Program
Want to learn how to organically farm Kona coffee? 
We welcome students under the Workers on 
Organic Farms program guidelines.
Please email us for the packet of information

Dragon's Lair Farm is a designated 100% Kona Coffee Estate 
in the Estate Program of the Kona Coffee Council. 
The Kona Coffee Council defines "Estate" as "�the product of one farm, unmixed with crops from other farms and processed through to roast under the control of the estate farm."
Every pack of our roasted coffee proudly displays the  Kona Coffee Council Seal of Approval.

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Dragon's Lair Estate Kona Coffee Farm
84-4987 Mamalahoa Hwy, Captain Cook HI 96704  �  Phone 808-328-7345 Fax 808-328-8972
Email coffee@pendragonhawaii.com

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